Year 6

Year 6 is  taught by Mrs Troughton with Mrs McDermott also being in the class as a support.

This is a very important year for the children as we prepare them for the expectations of secondary school. At the end of the year they will take their statutory assessments in reading, writing, maths and spelling, punctuation and grammar. There is no statutory science assessment currently however we will assess the children in science alongside speaking and listening using teacher assessments moderated in school and within local schools. Further information about this will be shared with parents throughout the year including advice on how you can support your children with this at home through our expanding Family Learning Programme.

Through our close links with the local secondary schools, we aim for every child to be familiar with the surroundings of the school of their choice, to have the self-belief and courage they need to succeed and ready for the challenges of Secondary school.

In the summer term there is a residential that is part of that all important transition from being a primary school child to one ready for secondary school.

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