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Curriculum Overview

Children are at the heart of what we do. Through an exciting, dynamic and experiential curriculum, we challenge children to know more, remember more and believe in themselves so they begin their life-long journey of learning, discovery and success.

We organise our learning into themes across the year, although some subjects are taught discretely. 

Curriculum Flowchart

Launch/Hook into learning 

Each theme begins with a launch. This is an engaging activity or experience that will inspire the children and leave them curious about their new learning. Their questions and reactions are recorded and returned to throughout the themed learning giving them a voice about their learning. 

Classrooms and surrounding areas reflect the class theme, immersing them in a learning rich environment.  



Each theme will involve a hands-on experience such as a visiting artist or speaker, a visit to a local place of significant relevance and interest, a workshop, adventurous outdoor activities or another area of outdoor learning.


Theme Celebration

Children reflect on, celebrate and share the termly learning they have been engaged in, they bring together all the work achieved over the past term for you to see at a theme celebration. 


 Curriculum Theme Overviews can be found on the class pages.