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Summer Reading Challenge - 2022 Gadgeteers

The Summer Reading Challenge has begun!

Visit Tewkesbury library to join the challenge. Make 3 visits and borrow at least 6 books to complete the Challenge. Each child will receive a Gadgeteer pack when they join. All our QMPS children now have their own library members account so borrowing books can be done easily.

As part of or continued partnership with Tewkesbury library the team there have very kindly personalized lots of the resources for the children and as well as this – they will be keeping a record of all the QMPS children who take part in the challenge so that their reads over the holiday can be counted towards their first 40 reads in September. The challenge requires 3 visits to the library before we return to school and for each visit, each child will also receive 10 bonus house points for the beginning of term!

There are also lots of free events and workshops at the library over the coming weeks – a flyer for this is attached.

Happy Reading!


The Challenge:

Join Aisha, Leo, Maggie, Eddie, James and Ajay :the Gadgeteers!  Brought to life by children’s writer and illustrator Julian Beresford, the Gadgeteers use their curiosity and wonder to understand the science behind a range of interests, from fashion and technology to cooking and music.

Explore our Gloucestershire library catalogue, or explore the Gadgeteers website for  book collection and other activities. The Gadgeteers challenge will help to spark children’s curiosity about the world around them and encourage them to feed their imagination over the summer holiday.

Be boggled by brilliant facts, gaze at the stars and be inspired by tales of creativity and invention. 



How to take part at your local library 

Pop in to Tewkesbury library (next to the Roses Theatre). All of our pupils are library members. 


Pick up your first two books and sign up with our staff who’ll give you your Summer Reading Challenge poster. That’s your first visit and you’ve started your challenge!

You then just have visit two more times – picking up another two books each time as well as other rewards such as our great stickers. On your third visit you’ll also get your completer’s certificate and medal.

Remember - there’s no rush - you’ve got until 10th September to finish but keep an eye out for what else is going on at your local library!

Make your 3 visits to the library this summer and earn 30 house points for September!

Events at the Library this Summer